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The Tour

You are invited to celebrate cultural preservation of San Francisco in a new way.


These first-time ever video tours provide close-up encounters with Victorian-era settings and the people who’ve cared for and restored iconic San Francisco homes.


From October 5–23, 2020, we posted a new theme video here, culminating in a live webinar event October 25th. All free.


You’ll meet homeowners and artisans. Hear renovation tales. See decorative finishes, eccentricities, and modern living in a Victorian setting. Learn how to preserve and share these cultural treasures.


Victorians were curious and adopted new technologies of their day. The Victorian Alliance of San Francisco also communicates with today’s tools to inspire you.


We hope you’ll also be passionate to preserve the architectural Victorian heritage, the unique landscape of San Francisco.


Connect with us in any way you wish. Volunteer, attend a lecture, be a member, be a donor, or even create your own grassroots historic preservation group where you live. The Alliance is here to support your  passion for architectural Victorian heritage.

Thank you Volunteers

Many people created this project, including:


Gail Baugh, ​Chairperson


Creative Team

Film Director & Producer: Fiona McDougall, OneWorld Communications

Web & Art Director: Amy Firman

Photography: Anson Moran

Film Research & Scripting: Christina Lalanne

House Histories Editor: Tamara Hill

Copywriting & Strategy: Jonathan Villet, OneWorld Communications


Special thanks to Artistic License


Presenter & Interviewees & Homeowners

Please see individual videos.

Thank you Vendors

Videographer & Editor: Jonathan Prewitt, Jmphilms

Grip and Lighting: Michael June Vallejo

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