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Self-Guided Walking Tours

Free self-guided walking tours will continue through October. As you plan your walk about, see the interactive map for each neighborhood. No app download is required. Use your own browser on your phone or iPad. Here’s how: 

  • Click on a neighborhood to learn about its history. 

  • Then click the button “Start your tour”.  See all houses featured in the neighborhood. Look for MAP button to see all house together on a map.

  • Click on a house illustration, and you can do 2 things:
    1) “read more” for historic details for the house and
    2) see the google “pin” that will take you to house’s map location.

  • Map your tour route as you learn about the neighborhood and see the homes featured.   

  • Take your time to see each neighborhood. Go with friends and plan the day.  Walking a neighborhood is such a special treat. You’ll meet fellow tour-goers along the way.

Photo: Hayes Valley Neighborhood, 2020, Jonathan Prewitt

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