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The Homes

1000 Fulton

The Archbishop’s Mansion

1027 Hayes

The Wilton House

1071 Page

The Nolan Residence

110 Lyon

The Rountree Residence

1198 Fulton

The Westerfeld House

1283 Page

The Harney Residence

1315 Waller

The John A. Whelan House

1315 Waller

The John A. Whelan House

1350 Waller

All Saints’ Episcopal Church

1500 Haight

Doolan-Larson House

1848 Pine

The Koshland House

1901 Franklin

Mrs. E.B. Crocker House

1915 Oak

The Hawkins Residence

1935 Webster

The Helen and Crittendon Thornton House

1976 California

Henry W. Hyman House

2000 Gough

The Jones Schwabacher House

2004 Gough

The Belden-Buck House

2007 Franklin

Haas-Lilienthal House

2020 California

The Frederick and Anita Wieland House

21 Baker

The Budde Residence

2266 California

Congregation Sherith Israel

23 Baker

The Budde-Wreda-Dirk Residence

508 Cole

The Lacey Residence

508 Cole

The Lacey Residence

601 Steiner

The Henry Ohlhoff House
(Aka The James Scobie House)

700 Hayes

The Fisk House

710 Steiner

The James Frank Moroney House

813 Grove

The Mitchell House

824 Grove

The Bruce-Reutlinger House

864 Fulton

The Old Cathedral of the Holy Virgin
(Formerly St. Stephan’s Episcopal Church)

882 Grove

The Aigeltinger House

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